King Saud University Launches the Digital Library in Cooperate with the National Center


      King Saud University representing in the Deanship of e-learning and Distance Learning, has accomplished the technical operations which are necessary to provide the digital library services via the website of learning management system of the University which is supervised by the Deanship. This library is considered as one of the largest academic digital libraries around the world with more than one hundred thousand scientific digital files from three hundred publisher around the world. In this context, the Dean of e-learning and Distance Learning at the university, Dr. Sami bin Mohammed AlHumoud clarified that this new service is available now to faculty members and students in the university and it is provided for the first time at the level of the universities of Saudi Arabia as a contribution of the Deanship of e-learning and Distance Learning in the processes of developing teaching methods which the university is seeking through them to facilitate the learning processes and access to sources of knowledge.

      It is mentioned that the digital library comes in the framework of cooperation between King Saud University and Ministry of Higher Education representing in the National Centre for e-learning and Distance Learning, one of the leading projects which aims to improve the educational process in Saudi Arabia through support the system of learning and education in general and e-learning in particular, meet the requirements of the scientific research, enhance the skills and build a knowledge society. The role of the library is to save time and effort regarding the process of learning, teaching and scientific research. The most important objectives of the digital library is to serve e-learning through support courseware with sources and references which are important to the learner and teacher,  improve the awareness and facilitate the exchange of information.


      The digital library contains more than 100,000 titles of digital books for the most popular publishers and they are available to students and faculty members at the university. The digital library can be accessed to faculty and students through accessing the learning management system on the link: by using the user name and password of University’s email only.